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2021-05-15 12:57:13 UTC
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Insurance Journal
California Flooring Business Owners Charged for $3.8M Workers’ Comp Fraud
Ryan Black, 45, formerly of Fair Oaks, Calif., and Curtis Davis, 53, of Penryn, were both charged this week with three felony counts of workers’ compensation fraud after allegedly underreporting payroll and employees by more than $30 million to save …
Tortoise Movers Sue Florida Commission for $500K for Moving Too Fast to Revoke License
Two men who relocate gopher tortoises are suing Florida’s wildlife commission, saying they should be awarded at least $500,000 in damages because the agency violated due process by prematurely revoking their company’s license for less than three weeks. The lawsuit …
Data Expert: Distributors Increased Drug Potency in West Virginia
A data expert testifying at a landmark opioid trial in West Virginia said Tuesday that the potency of prescription drugs sent to local communities increased over time, but the three large drug distributors being sued tried to discredit his analysis. …
EPA Says Water OK to Drink in Miss. Capitol City as Treatment System Struggles
Environmental Protection Agency officials met with Jackson leaders Tuesday to discuss severe issues with the water system in Mississippi’s capital city. They said fixing the system will take years and cost millions of dollars, but for now, it’s OK for …
New Florida Law Seeks to Protect State from Sea Level Rise
Florida – one of the most vulnerable places in the world to sea level rise – will spend hundreds of millions of dollars over the next few years to protect against coastal flooding under a bill Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis …
Nebraska Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill Meets Resistance
A bill to legalize and tightly regulate medical marijuana hit a wall of resistance in the Nebraska Legislature on May 12, even though some opponents acknowledged that rejecting it will pave the way for a much less restrictive ballot measure …
New Oklahoma Workers’ Comp Fraud Law Goes in Effect Nov. 1
Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt on May 7 signed into law legislation creating new penalties for workers’ compensation fraud. The legislative summary for House Bill 2236 states that anyone “failing to report to an employer, insurance carrier, or third-party administrator any …
People Moves: Marsh’s Daudt to Oneglobal; MS Amlin’s Boreham to Africa Specialty Risks; Zurich’s Jadav to AXA XL; RFIB’s Hallett to SiriusPoint
This wrap-up of international People Moves details recent appointments at Oneglobal Broking, Africa Specialty Risks, AXA XL and SiriusPoint. A summary of these new hires follows here. Oneglobal Broking, the London based broker, announced the appointment of Nicolau Daudt as …
People Moves: Lockton Pacific Adds Burbach and Szot in San Francisco, Denham in L.A.
Lockton’s Pacific region has added Jordan Burbach, Daniel Denham and Andrew Szot. They will help private equity firms looking for strategic guidance and insurance solutions to manage risks. Burbach and Szot are based in Lockton’s San Francisco office. Denham is …
California Crash, Arrest Draw More Scrutiny of Tesla Autopilot
Safety regulators are sending a team to California to investigate a fatal freeway crash involving a Tesla, just after authorities near Oakland arrested a man in another Tesla rolling down a freeway with no one behind the steering wheel. Experts …

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