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Our agents at believe this is the most important coverage for you, your family and your employees

A financially comfortable life is not complete without enough medical coverage for you and your loved ones. We want to make sure you have the good health to enjoy the rewards your hard work brings. Our agents are dedicated to providing you, your family, and/or your employees the right health coverage you all deserve.

Whether it is individual or group health insurance, we are able to find the best policies for you because we represent not only Anthem Blue Cross but also Blue Shield, Health Net, Aetna, California Choice, Kaiser Permanente, and United Healthcare / PacifiCare. We can tailor carve out plans for your company, monitor your rate adjustment factor, and provide benefits like dental, vision and other health rider policies.

USGS Alerts
M 0.7 - 10km WSW of Morongo Valley, CA
2022-06-26 11:41:32 UTC
2022-06-26 11:41:32 UTC at epicenter
34.004°N 116.674°W
13.32 km (8.28 mi)
M 1.0 - 57 km ENE of Pedro Bay, Alaska
2022-06-26 11:37:24 UTC
2022-06-26 11:37:24 UTC at epicenter
60.020°N 153.183°W
127.40 km (79.16 mi)
M 1.6 - 38 km WNW of Willow, Alaska
2022-06-26 11:31:53 UTC
2022-06-26 11:31:53 UTC at epicenter
61.939°N 150.645°W
12.80 km (7.95 mi)
M 1.3 - 6km S of Brawley, CA
2022-06-26 11:30:55 UTC
2022-06-26 11:30:55 UTC at epicenter
32.928°N 115.528°W
5.67 km (3.52 mi)
M 1.3 - 11km SSW of Tres Pinos, CA
2022-06-26 11:14:10 UTC
2022-06-26 11:14:10 UTC at epicenter
36.704°N 121.385°W
-0.53 km (-0.33 mi)
M 1.0 - 16 km NNW of Sutcliffe, Nevada
2022-06-26 11:13:59 UTC
2022-06-26 11:13:59 UTC at epicenter
40.078°N 119.690°W
14.20 km (8.82 mi)
M 1.2 - 0km N of Pedley, CA
2022-06-26 10:47:35 UTC
2022-06-26 10:47:35 UTC at epicenter
33.979°N 117.476°W
2.47 km (1.53 mi)
M 1.2 - 0km ENE of Pedley, CA
2022-06-26 10:45:49 UTC
2022-06-26 10:45:49 UTC at epicenter
33.976°N 117.474°W
0.88 km (0.55 mi)
M 1.3 - 10km E of Mammoth Lakes, CA
2022-06-26 10:35:11 UTC
2022-06-26 10:35:11 UTC at epicenter
37.628°N 118.870°W
0.20 km (0.12 mi)
M 1.1 - 10km E of Mammoth Lakes, CA
2022-06-26 10:34:52 UTC
2022-06-26 10:34:52 UTC at epicenter
37.632°N 118.871°W
-0.23 km (-0.14 mi)

Insurance Journal
Maine Agency Faces Backlash, Loses 3 Carriers After Juneteenth Posting
An independent insurance agency in Millinocket, Maine has lost three of its carrier partners and continues to face backlash on social media and in its community after posting a racially-charged sign on its door on Monday, the Juneteenth holiday. “Juneteenth …
Cyber Insurtechs and Insurers ‘In This Together,’ Not in Competition
Insurtechs and insurance companies are “breaking down the wall” that stood between them as competitors in favor of working together to tackle dynamic cyber risk. “We’re all trying to solve the same problem,” said Lori Bailey, chief insurance officer at …
People Moves: McGriff Names Curtis VP for Captives, Alternative Risks
McGriff Insurance Services, a retail insurance broker based in Huntsville, Alabama, has named Bud Curtis vice president and alternative risk business development manager. McGriff, a subsidiary of Truist Insurance Holdings, the sixth largest insurance broker in the U.S., said in …
Acrisure Acquires Ohio’s QuickInsured Agency
Acrisure, a fintech company that runs a global insurance broker, announced that it has acquired Columbus, Ohio-based QuickInsured, a tech-centered insurance agency. Acrisure will now have use of QuickInsured’s proprietary digital “sales funnel,” which customizes insurance offerings for customers, and …
Walgreens Reaches $105 Million Settlement With Shareholders
Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. agreed to pay $105 million to settle a long-running class-action lawsuit accusing it of misleading shareholders about how rising generic drug prices and reimbursement pressures would hurt its pharmacy business. The preliminary all-cash settlement was filed …
Marijuana Banking Overhaul Removed from China Competition Bill
Lawmakers have dropped language aimed at making banking services easier for state-authorized marijuana businesses from a bill on US innovation and China competitiveness. The broad House-passed legislation included the SAFE Banking Act, which would prohibit federal banking regulators from penalizing …
Carnival Cruise Pays $5M, Gives Up Insurance Licenses in New York Over Data Breach
New York’s financial services regulator has fined Carnival Corp. $5 million for violations of the state’s cybersecurity regulations that the state says caused four cyber breaches and the exposure of personal data belonging to its customers, including New York consumers. …
Florida’s Citizens Insurance Could Spend $100M on Defense Legal Fees This Year
Citizens Property Insurance Corp. could spend $100 million this year on attorneys who defend claims litigation against the insurer, a significant increase from previous years. The Miami Herald reported that the insurer of last resort’s claims committee met Thursday and …
Flood Alert in China’s Manufacturing Hub at Highest Level
China’s manufacturing hub of Guangdong raised its flood warning to the highest level due to the worst rains in decades, spurring more evacuations and threatening further supply chain disruptions in an economy reeling from Covid-related lockdowns. Guangdong province raised its …
Emerging Risks: Quantum Computing, Lower Construction Quality, Legal Tech etc.
The global community continues to deal with known challenges such as the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, economic turmoil and failing trust in established social institutions. But a report from Swiss Re reminds re/insurers there are new emerging risks on …

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