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Everyone's situation is unique and because of this there are numerous life and disability policies available. Whether it's term life, whole life, universal life, long term care, disability or employee benefits, Republic Insurance Solutoins has the ability to tailor a life insurance program for you or your company. We can determine how much coverage you need and offer flexible payment plans to accommodate everyone. We represent over fifty top rated life insurance companies so you know you're getting the right company, the right coverage and the right premium.

USGS Alerts
M 1.4 - 12 km E of Ocotillo, CA
2023-12-01 19:21:00 UTC
2023-12-01 19:21:00 UTC at epicenter
32.745°N 115.868°W
1.19 km (0.74 mi)
M 1.8 - Central Alaska
2023-12-01 19:04:45 UTC
2023-12-01 19:04:45 UTC at epicenter
63.015°N 148.621°W
70.30 km (43.68 mi)
M 1.9 - western Texas
2023-12-01 18:57:09 UTC
2023-12-01 18:57:09 UTC at epicenter
31.645°N 104.582°W
3.57 km (2.22 mi)
M 0.7 - 4 km NNW of Lake Henshaw, CA
2023-12-01 18:45:46 UTC
2023-12-01 18:45:46 UTC at epicenter
33.272°N 116.782°W
12.47 km (7.75 mi)
M 1.5 - 5 km W of Desert Hot Springs, CA


2023-12-01 18:37:23 UTC
2023-12-01 18:37:23 UTC at epicenter
33.953°N 116.556°W
10.79 km (6.70 mi)
M 1.9 - Southern Alaska
2023-12-01 18:29:27 UTC
2023-12-01 18:29:27 UTC at epicenter
61.613°N 141.075°W
0.00 km (0.00 mi)
M 1.7 - Southern Alaska
2023-12-01 18:28:45 UTC
2023-12-01 18:28:45 UTC at epicenter
61.593°N 141.101°W
10.00 km (6.21 mi)
M 0.2 - 7 km NW of The Geysers, CA
2023-12-01 18:16:07 UTC
2023-12-01 18:16:07 UTC at epicenter
38.824°N 122.809°W
1.15 km (0.71 mi)
M 1.4 - 12 km E of Ocotillo, CA
2023-12-01 18:01:48 UTC
2023-12-01 18:01:48 UTC at epicenter
32.735°N 115.868°W
3.38 km (2.10 mi)
M 0.6 - Nevada
2023-12-01 17:58:43 UTC
2023-12-01 17:58:43 UTC at epicenter
37.185°N 117.264°W
8.90 km (5.53 mi)

Insurance Journal
Ohio Settles Lawsuit With Chemical Companies For $110 Million Over PFAS Contamination
DOVER, Del. (AP) – The DuPont Co. and two spin-off firms will pay $110 million to the state of Ohio to settle a lawsuit over environmental threats from toxic chemicals used at a former DuPont facility in neighboring West Virginia, …
Despite Insurance Costs, Lux Condos Going Up: Miami Tower to Have $150M Penthouse
(Bloomberg) — A roughly 13,000-square-foot, full-floor penthouse and roof at the Rosewood Residences, a 17-story condo tower designed by Peter Marino in Miami’s South Beach, could soon be the most expensive in Miami Beach’s history. It’s priced at “over $150 …
Climate Change, Natural Disasters Sent Texas Homeowners Insurance Rates Skyrocketing in 2023
Insurance companies across Texas have dramatically increased home insurance rates this year, state filings show, as climate change spooks executives and inflation pushes up costs to rebuild after natural disasters. Texas is prone to hurricanes and flooding, both of which …
Insurance, Cat Bonds Can Help Boost Poorer Countries’ Resilience to Climate Risks
Low-income countries are struggling to access insurance, catastrophe bonds and other hedging mechanisms that could help protect them from the economic fallout of climate change, industry sources told Reuters. Helping these countries, which face some of the biggest risks from …
Black Employees File Federal Lawsuit Against Chicago Utility, Alleging Discrimination and Unsafe Working Conditions
CHICAGO (AP) – A group of current and former employees at a Chicago utility have filed a federal lawsuit alleging the company discriminated against them because they`re Black. The 11 plaintiffs filed the action Tuesday against Peoples Gas, the Chicago …
Minneapolis Stores Sue City Over Neglect and Decreased Business in George Floyd Square
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – Several stores at the location where George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police in 2020 have sued the city, accusing it of neglecting the area and hurting business. The lawsuit, filed in mid-November in state court, also …
Texas Attorney General Sues Pfizer Over Alleged Misrepresentation of COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy
Pfizer PFE.N has been sued by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who on Thursday accused the drugmaker of misrepresenting the efficacy of its widely-used COVID-19 vaccine. In a complaint filed in a Lubbock County state court, Paxton said it was …
Mississippi Delivery Driver Sues FedEx, This Time in State Court, After Shooting Incident
JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — A Black former delivery driver in Mississippi who says two white men shot into his work van and then pursued him in a high-speed chase last year has filed a new lawsuit against the men and …
Nigeria’s Worst Flood in Decade Caused Billions in Economic Damage
Nigerian floods last year that claimed hundreds of lives also caused up to $9 billion in damage, according to a report from the National Bureau of Statistics. The assessment, conducted in collaboration with the World Bank, placed the cost of …
People Moves: MS Amlin Promotes Forsyth to Head of Marine, Succeeding Humberstone; Generali GC&C Names Mediterranean, LatAm Managers as Part of Business Reorg
This edition of International People Moves details appointments at MS Amlin and Generali Global Corporate & Commercial (GC&C). A summary of these new hires follows here. MS Amlin Promotes Forsyth as Head of Marine, Succeeding Humberstone Who Is Retiring MS …

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